Transponder Keys and Car Key Duplication


Transponder Keys and Car Key Duplication

Hassle free transponder keys and car duplication solutions

Lost your car keys? Need replacement car keys? Locksmith Boca Raton Florida has the experience and expertise to help you. Since 1997, we have been making transponder keys and other car keys in Boca Raton.

As one of Boca Raton premier car key locksmith, you can expect fast, flexible and hassle-free service from us.

Our certified, licensed technicians have the knowhow and skills to duplicate your keys with complete accuracy. They simplify the process of car key duplication.

We offer 24/7 emergency transponder keys and car duplication services, on holidays and weekends as well.

Transponder Keys and Car Key Duplication is Locksmith Boca Raton specialties> We makes transponder keys as well as any other car key out there. Most newer vehicles do have transponder keys.

Transponder Keys and Car Key Duplication is a complicated process. What we need to know is the year in the make of the car and what version it is, as in a F250 or F150. You’d be amazed at the number of calls we get just asking how much is a car key. I could just answer car keys are two dollars. But that would be to copy yours at Home Depot if you had an operating key and it was non-transponder. Each car has a different key and each car has a different way to make the key. In some cars have many ways you can make the key, and some cars have many ways you could program the key.

Transponder Keys and Car Key Duplication
Transponder Keys and Car Key Duplication

Some keys we just need a vin number. That is a manufacturer’s serial number, which actually tells you about the car the manufacturer where it was made, the year, make and model, and the engine it has. The easiest way of us doing theTransponder Keys & Car Key Duplication is cuutting the key is to just pay a company for the key code. Some companies work especially with locksmiths supplying them the key code. We cannot just walk into a dealership and say we need the code for a car, they won’t give it to us. Some of them are unable to give it to us. Just a side note, the key code doesn’t actually give us the cuts on the key, it gives us a factory code that enables us to look up in a computer with special software and that will tell us the actual cuts on the key. We actually pay to get these codes. Some codes are as little as eight dollars and some codes are as much a $75. That’s involved in the cost of making a key from scratch. That does not include any costs we incur in programming and does not include a key blank itself.

We have software that we put the code into, and it actually tells us the cuts in the key. We also have machines that will do this automatically. Not many locksmiths have this. Our particular machine, if you had to buy it today is over $15,000. And that’s not including the software, or the computer to run it. The particular machine we use is in Ilco ultracode. Now distributed by Kaba Ilco. I think they also own the medico name. Our machine is actually capable of reading the cuts in your key to just make a copy. After we cut a plain steel key we have to brush off any sharp edges and possibly some file it a slight little bit and then we actually put it in the car door and see if it turns, after that we try the key in the ignition.

The key terns in the ignition if you have a non-computerized car it should start. I should say instead of non-computerized non-transponder equipped car the key we just made would turn in the ignition and start the car, and were done. However most cars now as an added safety feature have transponder keys. A transponder key is similar in concept to the tags they put on clothing stopping you from walking out the door with it. That tag on the piece of clothing could be as small as a little piece of magnetic paper but when you walk out through the sensors of the front door the sensors emit a frequency and if that piece of paper chip dongle whatever on that piece of clothing replies to that frequency it detects that an alarm goes off.

Well in a car when you turn the key the cars should detect that you have a computerized chip tune to the same frequency. You can’t see it because it’s covered by the steering wheel cowl. There a little ring around where you put the key in the ignition and that is a transponder receiving ring. Sometimes I get damaged and you cannot start the car. When you put the key into the car and turn it on the car through that ring actually questions the key and looks for a frequency that had already been program that matches the car. If it does not find that the key it won’t start the car. Some cars will turn over and possibly run for a few minutes but then stop. An added step is needed to make you a key that is compatible with your transponder.

When we originate the key the books tell us what transponder we want to use. We actually copy that first key we created to a blank that has the transponder on the key head. We then have to attach our computer to the OBD port on your car, and turn your car on to the run position without starting it and access your computer in the car. There are many different procedures but basically our machine tells the car to match the transponder in the key. After work is completed the key will work in the car. Some cars let you program the key without our equipment using a procedure of turning the key on wait 10 minutes turn it off wait 10 minutes turn it on wait 10 minutes turn it off. That works with some cars but not many. So we can do Transponder Keys and Car Key Duplication