Tips To Prevent Auto Theft

Tips To Prevent Auto Theft

car lockout service Boca RatonWith the use of security cameras and other similar tools, car theft has only increased in recent years.

Instead of reducing the risk of theft, these technologies have only helped thieves in getting stealthier. They have developed new ways to hide themselves and swiftly steal automobiles.

While many owners seek ways to prevent car theft, most solutions have proven to be useless against the crime. But if technology can’t help us, is there nothing we can do on our own to prevent this crime?

As car lockout service Boca Raton, we have a few preventive measures in store:

1.     Don’t go too exquisite or too common

This is only relevant if you live in a less-than-posh neighborhood with a high crime rate. First step to prevent car theft is to choose a car which doesn’t put a spotlight on it. Sports cars and BMWs will get any thief a lot of money. If they are out looking for a big fish, then your car is in danger!

On the other end, seasonal thieves want quick money. Instead of going for an expensive looking car, they’ll go for a normal sedan or another frequently used car.

Various magazines list commonly stolen cars, every year. Refer to the list and make sure to steer away from these car models.

2.     Park diligently

Follow safe parking rules to prevent car theft. Park your vehicle in a well-lit and populated area. If anyone can see it, a thief will not try to put their hands on your car.

Don’t park in dimly lit places or deserted areas. This will not only put your car in danger, but it can possibly endanger you as well.

3.     Get an anti-tempering alarm system

Newer car models feature remote activated alarm systems. While these systems make a loud noise if someone touches the car, it’s not enough to deter thieves.

Several security companies are now offering systems which can switch off the engine, lock car doors and report theft immediately. However, these are expensive options and more suited for expensive cars.

automobile locksmith Boca Raton4.     Employ bar locks

You can also use physical locks and bars top prevent car theft. This is a rather inexpensive option for most car owners. Another idea is to use transponder keys.

If you’re using transponder keys and received one set from the car company, you will need another for emergency situations. And no, you don’t have to go to the car company again to get an expensive set of transponder keys.

What you can do, instead, is call our automobile locksmith Boca Raton and get a valid copy made within 24 hours!

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