Safes are rated by the amount of time they could withstand the heat from a fire, and they are also rated burglar proof. They come in all sizes and types. There are many different manufacturers and types it’s hard to know which one is right for you. Some people use little lockboxes to keep their money in the bottom of the closet and some people invest in a two-hour burglar and fire resistant safe, big difference in cost. I choose a Guardall with a dial combination and a key. There are two reasons why I chose this. Instead of remembering the whole combination from the dial I just have to turn it a hair away from the right number. If the last number you dial is 40 you could turn it to 50 and remove the key and the safe is locked. This gives you the advantage of not having to dial in the whole combination but the safe is still locked and you could actually leave the key in just save Salinas’s. Nobody is going to know the one combination and they turn it the wrong way it locks the mount. So I don’t have to spend all day dialing a combination. And do not have to remember the combination I have to remember one number. Of course I’ve written the number down somewhere if I lost it.


Just a note the safe is only as secure as what you mounted to. I charge approximately $125 to install. . And what I do is drill into a concrete floor and put in lag bolts and screws from inside the safe and that’s not going anywhere. Some people just by safes in figure nobody’s going to take them out. But they do wheel them out. You don’t need the most expensive.; you just need one to secure the jewelry and a little cash you keep it home. Its not is as secure as a bank vault.

The following is just a small part of the list

Hamilton has been producing saves since 1967; iosafe has been making disaster proof safes since 2004

Fire King security group started theirs in 1951

One of the most famous is Sentry safe although not the most secure although they are getting better manufactured since 1930

Brown  started manufacturing low-cost safes for the last 25 years

Gun vault for the last 20 years they’ve been making good gums safes and recently added fingerprint identification

One of the most popular is Guardall they have 3500 dealers and sell a lot of safes I personally own one.

American security is also very popular, and they started in 1940 in California.

Fort Knox security has several different lines you can choose from and they’re all made in America

ANP  Corporation serving us for 35 years, they make Rotary hoppers and makes them different from the other companies

Milink is a very popular brand they been making the fire King since 1899 they make all kinds of safes narcotic lockers floor safes notebook safes they use metal plate construction on most of their safes.

The Browning Company also known for their firearms has been in business since 1927 founded by John Browning they manufacture nice gun safes they also have a less expensive model

Honeywell has gotten into the act also besides making aerospace materials and defense munitions and heating controls they also have a full line of laptop computer safes

One of the most famous companies is Mosler safe company, they make bank safes and a very good fire retardant safe

First alert, I don’t consider the premium safe company. Anything you can buy at Home Depot doesn’t ring any bells for me.