5 Tips for Preventing Home Burglary

5 Tips for Preventing Home Burglary

Home BurglaryFor most of us, our home is a safe haven – a sanctuary that gives us a feeling of security. However, when that is threatened, it can prove to be quite an emotional setback.

Burglaries are common throughout the United States. The loss to home owners is more than just financial.

Many break-ins can easily be prevented. Here are five tips to make your house more burglary-resistant:

Don’t Advertise That You Won’t Be Home

The easiest house to rob is a vacant house. Burglars, sometimes, call to check if you are home. Make sure your calls are forwarded.

Moreover, having an automatic light timer that will turn lights on and off on normal patterns, and asking a neighbor to pick up your mail and newspapers can help in preventing burglars from knowing that you are away.

Have a Security Alarm Installed

security alarmInstalling a security alarm system may prevent thieves from breaking in to your house. However, for this to be effective, burglars must know that you have an alarm system installed.

Make sure that you put up a sign that is visible and clearly states that your house is protected by a security alarm. Letting burglars know that you are in charge goes a long way in keeping them at bay.

Avoid Keeping Your Spare Keys under the Doormat

Well, it may be very convenient but hiding the spare keys under the doormat makes it all the more easy to break into your house. Handing them to a trustworthy neighbor may be a better option. You can also install a keypad or a fingerprint lock to ensure better safety.

Make It Difficult for Burglars to Hide

The more hiding places a house has, the more likely target it can become for burglars. They can hide behind long and bushy shrubs. Make sure you trim them.

Another option to make hiding difficult is to install lighting with motion detectors in the yard and driveway. This will help you and your neighbors to detect movement and allow you to take precautionary measures ahead of time.

Invest in Robust Locks

Weak locks may save you costs in the short-run, but make your house vulnerable. Make sure you hire services of 24 hour locksmith Boca Raton and install robust locks. From knob-in locksets to deadbolt locks, you have a variety of options available when it comes to locks.

Looking for better and more secure locks? Locksmith Boca Raton can prove to be a great solution. Using the latest in technology, we have the skills to install locks that can keep burglars at bay.

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