5 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Locks

locksmith near me Boca RatonLocks are perhaps the most ignored and abused parts of our house. We have, so often, vented out our day’s frustrations on them by unlocking them forcefully. Yet, these locks are what keep us and our homes safe.

Quality locks last for long and you wouldn’t often need to change it. But, there are some exceptions. Here’s a list of scenarios where we recommend changing the locks immediately.

1.     You’ve misplaced your keys

Don’t panic if you’ve lost your house keys or if they’ve been stolen. Since you don’t know where those keys are, or who has them, you should simply get the lock changed – even if you have a duplicate key. This should be done with higher urgency if it’s the entrance keys of your house that’s gone missing.

2.     You moved into a new house

If you’re renting a new place, we recommend changing the locks for safety reasons. If the place was rented before too, then you have no way of knowing if the previous tenants still have the keys. Or maybe they replaced those keys because they’re of no use to them now. Who knows where the keys went…

So, to avoid break-ins, search for locksmith near me Boca Raton to get it done quickly.

3.     You’ve evicted a tenant

Renting out your property is difficult; sometimes people misuse your house or fall behind on rent, etc. You may have to eventually evict them. In such a case, change all the exterior locks so they’re inaccessible.

Do this even if your tenant had returned the keys before leaving since they might have duplicate keys. It will help you keep your property safe.

4.     Your house experienced a break-in

This is extremely unfortunate but common nonetheless. In case someone broke into your house recently, that’s a definite sign that you need to change your locks.

The criminal, whoever it was, must have tried to pick the lock. This might have damaged your lock, making your property more vulnerable to break-ins. It can possibly also start to malfunction.

5.     Locks are old and rusty

24 hour locksmith Boca Raton FLLocks rust over time. These are more common if you live in a humid region. You can easily notice the rusting. It will also make it difficult to lock and unlock the door. Such a lock makes break-ins easier as they’re weak and easy to sever.

If you’re currently in any of these situations, immediately call our 24 hour locksmith Boca Raton FL service. We put your safety first and will be right there to help you out in case of an emergency.

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